GDA Leadership Institute

Process Management Training

Mission Directed Work Team

The principles underpinning the MDW® system are practised by the most successful organizations in the world in operating environments ranging from manufacturing and mining to logistics, finance, airlines, health care, government and customer service.

The MDW® program was registered by Competitive Dynamics International in 1997 and has been successfully applied in over 2000 sites in every continent of the world.

The MDW® program comprises a toolkit designed to assist organisations in implementing recognised world best practices in their workplace by engaging and mobilising every employee, throughout the organisation in the drive to continuously improve Quality, Speed/Delivery, Cost Effectiveness, Safety and People Development.

Date: April 13-17 2020
            July 13 – 15 2020
Location: Victoria Island and Ikeja
Program Fees: =N= 350,000.00
Duration: 5 days
Audience: Team Leaders and Management Staff

Business Process Improvement

The greatest challenge for executive management in most organisations is how to keep business and people performance at peak levels and reduce cross-functional and systemic gaps and dysfunction. Managers are expected to be proactive and spend less time fighting fires and focus more on preventing them.

The GDA Business Process Improvement Workshop encourages participants to develop process maps, employ process flow charts, understand and manage important work processes, internal and external customer process alignment, process measurement and business improvement models in ways that support customer-centric strategies

Participants on this program are enabled to apply the concepts and principles learnt to their daily management activities and, implement and optimize process improvements.

Date: April 13-15 2020
            June 24 – 26 2020
Location: Victoria Island and Ikeja
Program Fees: =N= 300,000.00
Duration: 3 days
Audience: All Management Staff

Continuous Process Improvement

Delivering top drawer performance and consistent positive results usually requires managers who understand the need to ensure that their teams share the same vision and philosophy with a view to constantly seeking to improve upon critical business and technical processes.

Participants to this program will be able to use concepts such as value stream mapping, WIP limits, Kanban boards and Agile while learning bout process flows and optimization.

The CPI workshop requires participants to work as teams to simulate cross-functional teams in brainstorming, sharing improvement ideas and use specific Lean Principles to achieve rapid continuous improvements that dramatically improve bottom-line results.

Date: April 20-24 2020
Location: Victoria Island and Ikeja
Program Fees: =N= 350,000.00
Duration: 5 days
Audience: All Management Staff