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Customer Service

Customer Service Strategy

The perspective and focus of leadership in an organization will directly affect the ability of its employees to understand the importance of customer service/experience.  Price or the product is no longer a differentiator for customers as it does not guarantee their loyalty. In today’s world; experience received determines the organizations customers will stay loyal to.

 A deliberate, well designed customer service strategy will ensure that team members as well as their leaders understand the customer as well as what fuels their needs in order to be able to continually provide the experience that will guarantee the customers’ loyalty. An effective customer service strategy aids in creating and reinforcing a service culture in an organization.

This program will address the pertinent questions leaders must answer in order to develop a successful customer service strategy. It details the skills and functions that a well-designed strategy coordinates. Participants will be taken through important principles required to develop an effective strategy that will in turn position them rightly for success with their customers.

Date: March 26-28 2020
Location: Victoria Island and Ikeja
Program Fees: =N= 100,000.00
Duration: 3 days
Audience: Team Leaders and Management Staff

Customer Service Excellence

Many organizations develop service charters stating how customer service is their priority. In reality however, their actions do not support the service statement. These organizations tend to forget that their frontline truly determine their success.

There have been several researches that have proven that investments in customer service and the people will produce an enhanced organizational result.

Organizations who are customer focused with service excellence as their watchword are significantly advantaged and are able to attract customers in today’s extremely competitive market.

Participants will be re-introduced to the concepts of moment of truth, Importance of first impressions, customer loyalty and behaviour that are essential for service excellence. They will also understand the communication process and how to apply it in determining the customers’ needs. This program also covers the steps in the service process required for consistent and exceptional service.

Date: March 13-14 2020
Location: Victoria Island and Ikeja
Program Fees: =N 90,000.00
Duration: 2 days
Audience: All Employees

Customer Experience Management

Customers who receive a great experience are more loyal and are less inclined to switch brands.  Harnessed the right way, one of the most effective levers an organization has to raise the bar on customer experience is no other than its employees.

For many people, the concept of customer service and customer experience is ostensibly interchangeable. However, while customer service is a single touchpoint with the brand, (it is a piece of a puzzle) customer experience is the sum of the entire customer journey with the business impacting emotions and feelings.

The program will explore the importance of CEM to a business as well as the steps required to get customer experience right in an organization. Participants will also be taken through designing a CEM strategy.

Date: March 20-21 2020
Location: Victoria Island and Ikeja
Program Fees: =N= 90,000.00
Duration: 2 days
Audience: All Customer facing staff